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The Session #49: A ‘regular’ beer

I hardly ever take part in The Session. I usually don't find the topics very relevant to my beer world, but this one is an exception. This month it is no other than Stan Hieronymus, one of the fathers (or is he THE father) of this project, who  proposes the following topic: A Regular Beer.

Being a beer lover, I can say I'm blessed to be living in the Czech Republic. Yes, it is true that if we are speaking in terms of "variety" or "innovation", it would be pretty fair to say that Czech brewers leave at least a bit to be desired, but if it is "regular beers" we are speaking about, this place is close to heaven.

I like "extreme", "innovative", "weird", "experimental", "whateveryouwanttocallthem" beers. I can enjoy drinking them (provided they are good) as much as the next über beer geek, and I also celebrate their existence, because they can prove better than anything else that "beer" is not just one thing, one brand or one style. However, when it comes to drinking on an everyday basis (and I do drink everyday, several times a day), it's the regular beer that I go back again and again.

It's a regular beer that I open when I get back home or when I'm cooking dinner. It's a regular beer that I order first whenever I go to pubs like Zlý Časy and sip while I look at what else is out there. It's a regular beer that I offer my guests or visitors, knowing full well that they will like it. It's a regular beer that I drink to quench my thirst (is there a more noble purpose for a beverage?) and It's a regular beer what I have right now next to me while I write this, Poutník 12º, to be more specific (few beers can be more regular than a světlý ležák in the Czech Republic).

There are people out there who say that those beers are boring. It's their opinion, but sometimes I wonder how much they really understand about beer. Most of the regular beers I drink aren't complex, but that doesn't mean they are boring, they can be beautiful in their simplicity, just like this Poutník I'm drinking, and they won't demand too much of your attention, it's as if they knew you have more important thing to care about at a given moment and they are happy to help you make those moments more pleasant.

So here's to regular beers, the beers that everyone drinks.

Na Zdaví!

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