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Not much to say

February was a terribly busy and stressful month for me. All the preparations for the moving took much of my time and energy, leaving me without much chance or energies to go around the beer world as much as I would have liked.

Nothing impressed me too much from the few new things that I was able to taste. The ones that I liked the most this time were old, or not so old, Friends like polotmavé from Bašta o tmavá 14° from Richter, where I was pleasantly surprised by their ležák 12°. It is a very fine beer, but not the best that comes out of Mr. Richter's kitchen. In one of my two visits there, however, I liked it so much that I had to order two pints with my lunch. All the usual things were there, but this time, it was like an orchestra playing at an auditorium with perfect acoustics.

The price, though, goes to a very old and very dear friend. A beer that I've known for a long long time, that I've always liked, but hadn't drunk for quite some time. It happens many times that we prefer to try new things, taking for granted the quality of the old and known and leaving it aside because we think it can't surprise us anymore. One afternoon I stopped by Pivovarský Dum to see what the special of the month was. It was limetkové (lime flavoured), which I had already drunk and thought more appropriate for a summer day. So I decided to go for their good old Světlý Ležák. It blew my mind! Its intense Saaz taste perfectly in sync with fruits and flowers simply left with only two words ješté jedno (one more). It made me quite happy to realise that a beer that I've known for almost six years can still surprise me like the first time. Hats off to the people of Pivovarský Dum. Thank you!
Na Zdraví
PS: The count for different beers tasted in February was 27. Total so far for 2008, 79

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