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Champagne (kava or sekt, depending on where it comes from) is the chosen drink to celebrate important events. Few events are more important for a person than moving to their first own house. It means so much, expectations, stress, relief, tiredness and a sense of accomplishment.

The problem is that I am a beer lover and I wanted to toast with a special brew, but at the same time, keep the custom. So I decided to drink beer and champagne at the same time. No, no, no! Don't worry, I didn't make any strange cocktail.

A few months ago, while having lunch with a friend at Pivovarský Klub, Robert cam and in a low voice offered me something very special at a reduced price. Deus, Brut de Fladres, una Bière de Champagne.

The name is no marketing gimmick. This Belgian Ale is brewed by Bosteels Brewery (the same people that make Kwak). After a rather normal brewing process, the beer is shipped to the French region of Champagne where it is bottled and champagne yeasts are added. Then it goes through the world famous process used to make those world famous sparkling wines.

With such a special (and quite expensive) beer, expectations were hight. Its elegant bottle is indistinguishable from that of a good champagne. When opening this cuvée prestige 2006 we can hear the POP! that means celebration in all languages.

Of intense golden colour, when pouring it forms a champagne like head that looks as if it wants to dissipate quickly, yet there it stays. Its carbonation is that of a sparkling wine. When getting the glass near to the nose I felt very ripe peaches with interesting mint and spice notes. Seeing the word brut on the label made me expect something dry, but in fact, this beer is very fruity, without being too sweet. When drinking it sweet apple rule the palate joined by grapes and herbal notes (mostly mild mint). The finish is long but delicate and leaves a very pleasant and mild pineapple aftertaste that invites another sip or glass. The only thing that casts a shadow over this very interesting beer is the alcohol that can be felt too much when exhaling after a sip, and also in the nose. I think, however, that with a bit more time in the bottle it would be better integrated.

Deus, Brut de Fladres is an outstanding beer, that regardless of its 11.6%ABV (and the little integration problem) drinks really well. It is like an experienced lover, subtle and delicate, but at the same time full of character and knows how to do things.

Brilliant with the cheese and smoked meats pie that was our dinner, brilliant to sit down and taste it, and brilliant to drink together with someone special.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Thanks mate! We really enjoying ourselves here, despite all the work that is still to be done.


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