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The News You've All Been Waiting For

When I published the second edition of the Guide, the plan was to wait a year or two and start working on a third edition, or at least an update, but it didn’t take me long to give up on the idea. I simply didn’t want to do the job without anyone paying me for it, especially considering the boom of “Craft Beer” bars – all of which seem to follow the template of too many taps with expensive, trendy beer styles from the same bunch of breweries. On top of that, I wanted to cut down on my boozing and I thought it’d be better to spend the limited time and money I had going to places that I knew and liked instead of new places that may not be that good, all for the sake of a vanity project.

People – not many, only a few, but people nonetheless – kept asking me about it, if there was going to be a third edition, and my answer was always a resolute ‘No’. But one day, chatting with a friend, I confessed to her that I would do it if I could find a new twist for it. That twist materialised in my head while I was sipping a Desítka in my local’s garden. It was like a ‘Eureka’ moment and I was soon fiddling with the app in my phone to see if it could be doable, and it seemed it could. There have also been a couple of major changes in my life thanks to which now the time (though not the money) and an excuse to do the field work. The decision was made: I would write a new edition of “Prague: A Pisshead’s Pub Guide.”


It will be completely new, a total rework. It will still be based on the pub crawl model, but with a broader and more ambitious concept that I doubt it has ever been tried, at least in a city. Each crawl will have five pubs and will cover roughly between four and six kilometres. Instead of being in a largely random order, they will all be connected, meaning that the last pub of a crawl will be no more than two or so kilometres from the first pub of the next crawl. My goal is to have 20 crawls, or trails, that together will take the reader on a 100 km walk through Prague.

Frankly, I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull it off, but I want to try because I’m in love with the idea and the challenge it entails. I’ve already done the first trail and it was fun! I intend to do the walks in the order they will appear in the book – I already have four or five drawn up in the map – and I can’t wait to do the next one. I also have the first draft of the first walk and, shit, I can’t remember when was the last time I was so excited about putting my beer fuelled to bytes.

Like in the previous editions, there’s no set deadline, but I would really love to publish sometime in 2021, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first edition, and my 50th birthday.

So, that’s it. Wish me luck and if you feel like sponsoring this project, let me know, it’ll be more than welcome.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Excellent news! If you want a free English proof read when it's done I'll happily do it!

  2. Hola Max, me alegra y me pone muy contento leer esta noticia!
    Te descubrí hace ya mas de 10 años en la página de Los Viajeros, donde escribías, cuando estaba organizando mi primer viaja a Praga. Tus informaciones no solo me fueron de utilidad para hacer los recorridos por Hospodas y Cervecerías de allí, sino que me es muy agradable leer tus comentarios y la pasión que pones en todo esto de la cerveza.
    Ahora preparando mi segundo viaje a Praga para Navidad, descubro tu blog, el que estoy leyendo con mucho entusiasmo y viendo que nuevo lugar puedo incluir.
    Con un poco de suerte nos cruzamos tomando alguna cerveza por allá.
    Espero sigas poniendo la pasión de siempre en tu nuevo libro.



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