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Regarding Today's Date

I care about IPA Day as much as I care about any other Marketing Driven Day or Month, which is even less than I care about the results of the Costa Rican Basketball League, but since we're on the topic, there's something I want to tell Czech micro (and not so micro) brewers (which I'm sure applies in other countries, too):

If for whatever reason you aren't able to procure good-quality, fresh enough hops, don't fucking bother to brew a beer that is supposed to be hop-forward. Sod the fashion and have a go at the dozens of other styles that aren't hop-forward. Everyone without a Pokemon mentality who enjoys drinking good beer instead of going after the latest novelty so they can get another badge in Untappd will be grateful.

That's it.

Na Zdraví!


  1. THANK YOU for voicing an opinion I've been stating to people the last two years: 99% of the ales being brewed today in CZ suck ass because of lame ingredients which are contributing to bad recipes and finished products. Meanwhile, the prices for taste-alike pish ales just keeps going up and up as the quality goes down, down, down. It's really hitting a tipping point. A lot of it is getting just plain undrinkable. It's a sad situation but I don't understand your connecting the problem to USA hops. I'll take USA hops over Euro hops any day and my West Coast IPA will whoop ass all over your Euro-style wannabe IPAs all day long. Fact.

    1. I don't have any problem with American hops as long as a) they're of good quality, and b) they are properly used, but the same can be said of any type of hops from anywhere in the world. If're referring to the "U-S-A..." bit in today's post, it meant that the recipe fortunately wasn't too loaded with hops, it would have made the beer undrinkable.


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