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A conclusion after a quick visit to MMX

Pivovar MMX is one of those many brewpubs that've opened in the last few years that I never felt I needed to visit. I can't really put a finger on why; the place is fairly easy to reach from Prague—Dobřichovice has an excellent train connection, and the place itself isn't too far from the train station— and I don't remember any particularly good or bad reviews about it, in fact, I don't remember drinking any of their beers (which makes me wonder whether it isn't one of these).

Family matters took us yesterday to Dobřichovice and when were discussing where to go for lunch, I suggested MMX, to which everyone agreed.

A short and pleasant walk along the river later, we arrived to this fairly large complex that includes a hotel. The brewhouse is in a fish-tank-like room separated from the restaurant by the hotel's reception. The restaurant is very spacious and luminous, with a minimalist decoration that gives it almost the feel of an office building canteen—though with far better furniture. It fits very well the general architecture of the building, and I can see people liking it, but I'm not among them, my problem, I guess.

We sat outside, though. Service was very good—quick, professional, attentive and pleasant, they made you feel welcome without any fake smiles or pretended friendliness. The food—one of the daily specials—was a just a few notches above the 'Just OK'.

As for the house beers. I didn't know what to expect from them, which, to some extent, isn't that bad a thing—as long as the beer isn't undrinkable, you aren't likely to be disappointed.

I Started with the seasonal Pšenice 12° because thirst. A very conventional beer, almost to the point of shyness, but like the food, it had one job and did it well.

The Stout was also pretty conventional, unseasonally so, but with more of an extrovert personality, making at least an effort to impress. My favourite of the four they had on tap.

The other two were the 10º and 12º, both světlé, and both with a visibly heavy dose of caramel malts. They made me realise that caramel malts aren't a bit to pale lagers what silicon implants are to women. Most of them don't need any of that, but some have been convinced that they do. In some cases, you will probably not notice them, they are so well used they can cheat you into believing they are not there. That wasn't the case with these two beers, unfortunately, whose implants were of Andersonian proportions and, as such, diverted all of your attention from whatever it was that the rest had to offer. Yes, there are people, not few, who like big plastic boobs, but I'm not among them, my problem, I guess.

We spent the rest of the day bathing in the river, drinking ver well tapped Gambrinus under the sun, while the kids played in the park and later knocking down cans of Pilsner Urquell it my wive's relatives' garden while talking about stuff.

It was a very good day overall.

Na Zdraví!

Pivovar MMX
N 49°55.43062', E 14°15.52855'
Dobřichovická 452 – Lety - +420 602 783 903
Mon-Thu, Sun: 11-23, Fri-Sat: 11-24