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11 years

I had forgotten about it. Last year, the year before and the one before that I had chosen some special beers to celebrate my anniversary in the Czech Republic. I hadn't thought about it this year until I was sitting last Monday afternoon drinking a Postrižinská 11°.

It was that 11 degree beer that made me realise that I've been living here for 11 years. How appropriate!

¡Fuck me, time flies! As I've already mentioned, moving here has been the decision of my life. This country is far from perfect (and which is?), but despite all the shortcomings, I still like it as a place to live, work and struggle. As a beer lover, on the other hand, I can't imagine a better place than Prague right now, the scene in the last few years has changed incredibly (and not only in Prague). I can still buy a great beer like the above mentioned 11º, at 12CZK a bottle, I can still have Pilsner Urquell tanková in any neighbourhood and now, on top of that, there are 14 brewpubs, two distribution based microbreweries (plus the one at the university), a ever stronger presence of regional and micro beers from the whole country, thanks in great part to the ever growing number of multi-tap pubs, which coexist in the utmost peace with the classic minimalist pubs, supermarkets with wider beer diversity, 6 pivotek and, as if all that wasn't enough, I live near Únětický Pivovar.

Nothing more to add. I'll go get a beer to celebrate on.

Na Zdraví!


  1. In my dreams, I'm drinking Únětický Pivo. I have to come back and visit you.

    1. That, together with our visit to Ferdinand, was one of those magic moments that make you love beer, and the craft of brewing, even more...


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