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An Obituary

The seed of this blog was sown one afternoon in the Spring of 2005, if I remember correctly, when I impulsively fancied drop by a pub near Letná to have a quick one before giving a lesson. What had brought me to that place was the sign of a brewery I knew absolutely nothing about, but the beer they gave me that afternoon, a světlý ležák with the same name as the pub, was the one that made me start paying attention to what I had in my glass, which was the starting point of this journey through the world of what I believe is the most fascinating beverage.

Those of you who've been following my rants here, or at least, those who have my history of pissheadedness, know what beer and place I'm talking about, and some of you have even visited it.

Unfortunately, Svijanský Rytíř has ceased to exist.

It's no news, really. It's something I'd known for about half a year. One day I was around the neighbourhood and, since hadn't been there for a long time, I thought it'd be nice to drop by at what used to be one of my favourite spots in town and have a pint in honour of the old, simpler, times. There was a little sign on the door that said that place was "temporarily" closed. I've seen many places that were "temporarily" closed and never opened again, but seeing that the furniture and taps were still there made me keep at least a bit of hope alive. I passed by a couple more times since and everything remained the same, the hope, though smaller, refused to die.

Until the other day. Already from the corner of Pivnice Šumavan I was able to see what I had already known. The Svijany sign was gone and a piece of paper stuck on the inner side of the door announced a soon to be opened curry house.

I don't know why it closed, though I suspect it. The last time I was there for lunch with my wife something had changed, and not for the better. It doesn't matter. I will miss Svijanský Rytíř, I've had some very good times there, alone, with friends and also with my wife, our Friday lunch, followed by a quiet walk through Letná became a sort of ritual for us during her pregancy. It was also at Svijanský Rytíř where I had one of the most amazing moments in my blogging "career" when group of Danes, who were having lunch there, broke into applause when they recognised me and for a moment made me feel I was a celebrity.

The loss of a good pub is always a pity. Fortunately, memories tend to remain.

Na Zdraví!


  1. thats a real shame, i took my wife for a pint in there a few years ago on your recomendation and we really liked the place, the lady that served us was really nice aswell. i was back in prague at the end of last year and stopped by but saw it was temporarily closed, we thought we had just arrived at an unlucky time but obviously not. at least there is still Sumavan down the road!


  2. That's a pity, it was a decent pub. I think that makes it 3 or 4 of the pubs from my Pub Guide which have shut down in the nearly 4 years since I wrote it. I vaguely remember that as well as the good beer, they also did some nice fried chilli cheese bites!


  3. U Vilema, Československé armády 276/3, is perhaps a good alternative in that neigboorhood.

    ( )


    1. I know that place. I haven't been there for ages, though. Should set that right, Svijanský Kvasničák is a mighty fine beer!


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