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A short holiday

My faimily and I took went on a more than deserved  four day holiday last week. We went to Liberec, my wife had booked us a stay at Hotel Babylon, mostly so our daughter could enjoy some of the attractions that this huge complex has (I must confess that I had a kick-ass time at the water park, too!).

Before leaving I asked Facebook and Twitter to recommend place with good beer in Liberec. A couple of tips arrived, the places looked quite fine, but in the end I decided to give them a miss. I'm almost sure I would have had a very good time at those pubs, but at the same time, they didn't look like the kind of place where my wife and daughter would enjoy themselves very much, and this was a family holiday so I wanted to dedicate all my time to them. Pivní Filosof would have to stay home, watching porn or nature documentaries, or whatever it is that this bloke does when he's not getting pissed.

And you know what? Beer-wise, I loved it!

I simply drunk whatever it was being served at the restaurants we went and I enjoyed every single one of those beers. I even the Staropramen tapped in a plastic cup I had at the playground in Babylon (BTW, ain't that great? To drink at a kid's playground?). I was watching my daughter have almost more fun than a human can handle and the beer was not obstacle to enjoying that moment, it was actually part of it. The only time when I was able to "escape" the macrobrands was at the Svijany pub we stopped for a drink after coming down from Ještěd (in Liberec you'll actually find Svijany almost at every corner). It was a lovely spot, we would have liked to stay longer, but the little one was already very tired, she had walked much of the 4km way uphill, and downhill, too.

It was really a very refreshing experience, just like in the old and simpler times, to drink "just beer" without giving much of a fuck about what I had in the glass. It's an experience that I recommend to all beer geeks who refuse to drink anything brewed by the macros. Go with your loved ones somewhere where you can only drink whatever it is that the rest of the world drinks. If you aren't able to enjoy it, it means there is something wrong with you.

Na Zdraví!