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A Few Quick Reviews (IV)

A new installment of the round up of reviews originally published on my FB page for those four or five of you who don't have Facebook.

Slaný TUPL IPA: Could be a tad more aromatic, could have a bit of a longer finish, but SOD THAT! What a chewy, complex, rewarding, beauty this one is!
Cigar City Cucumber Saison: I'd be lying my ass off if I said this is one of my favourite beers, but bugger me! This is one interesting little bastard that masterfully avoids the gimmick. One I'd love to drink again. (thanks Glen!)

Opat Benediktin 15º: As if a Märzen was trying to do some mischief.

13º Český Granát, Žitný Speciál from Regent? Are you kidding? Does this apricot marmalade, ginger, strawberry syrup beauty come from Třeboň? Hats off to them, it's bloody lovely!!!

Přerovský Negr: A big, mean, scary looking muthafuckin nigga that turns out to be a nice fun bloke to be with after all.
Novopacké Kvasničák: Scores for being one of the few, proper kvasnicové, starts well enough, but ends up leaving the aftertaste of a wasted opportunity. I really wanted to like this beer....

Vyškov Heffeweizen: Could have some more spice, but very nice nonetheless.
Matuška Fastball: Could have most certainly used some filtering...
Antares Imperial Stout: Prunes in rum with brown sugar and a dusting of chocolate. Reminded me a lot of Sam Smith's. Very nice night cap, but not quite recommended for those who like the louder side of the IS family.

Antares Barley Wine: With 0.5% ABV less and the same OG it could have been an absolutely fantastic beer. The kind you'd wish would tuck you in bed and give a good night kiss on your forehead. Nice and enjoyable nonetheless, but could be better. (Thanks Pablo Rodríguez, from Cervecería Antares for these two)

And short thought to wrap up: What's the difference between an Imperial Pilsner and a Helles Bock? More hops and less sense?

Na Zdraví!

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