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Tough choice

It's mid-afternoon, you've finished whatever it is that you had to do today, you are tired and would like to go home, but you happen to be nearby your local so you decide to drop by for a quick pint or two.

They become four. Good stuff. You feel a bit better now, but you've decided you've had your fill and settle the bill. When you are paying, the waiter asks you jokingly. "Are you leaving already?". You smile and answer half-heartedly, promising that perhaps you'll drop by tomorrow.

Just when you have finished putting the change in your pocket and picking up your stuff, another waiter looks at you with a mischievous smile and tells you, "look. It's raining!"

It's not cats and dogs, not yet at least, but you can see open umbrellas and people rushing to find some shelter. You curse the rain, and the waiter, they've forced you into making a hard decision, getting a bit wet, or getting a bit pissed? Bastards!

It's all up to you.

Na Zdraví!

PS: No prize for guessing what my decision was

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  1. You remained strong and walked....back to the bar!

  2. Waiting for the first bars to open at Berlin B/F,in around 30 minutes 2 u-bahn stops away first beers will be Frankonian :-)



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