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Selected Readings: February

Just as I, sort of, promised on Friday, here's the roundup of the stuff that caught my attention last month.

From Beervana, Jeff, in his post of his very interesting Belgian series speaks about a very interesting Dupont does, which proves that the difference is always in the tiny details.

Not leaving Jeff, in this post he deals with the topic of styles and categorisations and how hard it is sometimes to make sense of it all, which was an answer to a question Alan made in his blog. Everything while I was writing about the same topic and Joe came out with a birlliant answer, which almost manages to put an end to the debate.

And speaking about an endless debate. Birraire deals with the meaning, usefulness and relevance of the concept of "Cerveza Artenanal" (Craft Beer). While you think about an answer to that, here's Reluctant Scooper with his Craft Beer manifesto. Brilliant stuff.

Changing the topic, but just a bit, my post on the role of brewers in the education of the consumer prompted Alan to ask a couple of questions, which were followed by some interesting comments.

Leaving endless debates aside (at least for the time being) and also the blogosphere, there were two articles that caught my attention. The first one speaks about the possible role beer had as a catalyst for the beginning of agriculture, which, as everyone knows, is the cornerstone of civilization, I like that idea that deep down we are all pissheads. The second one tries to sell us the joys of maltless brewing thanks to an enzyme additive for raw barley. There they quote the honcho of a micro brewery somewhere in Gringoland who claims to have finished brewing the first test batch of a maltless beer. I've got two questions about this: Doesn't brewing without malts limit the possibilities producers have when it comes to colour, texture and character? If this is such a wonderful, environmentally friendly and cost cutting thing, how is it that AB-InBev aren't using it yet?

Bollocks of the month goes to Golden Bee, another beer with gold flakes, but one that takes the noble art of marketing bollocks to a new level of idiocy.

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