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A new channel for beer philosophy

Sin Evan Rail left, The Prague Post had kind of neglected the topic of beer, so I was really thrilled when they offered me to take care of that and start a beer blog in their website.

Needless to say, this doesn't mean that I will stop writing here, no way, I'll only post some exclusive content there, which, of course, I will link here (dodgy writing, I know, blame it on the mild hangover I had from yesterday's bash, and by the way, Strahov IPA and Weizenbock are bloody awesome!).

Anyway, the first post is up already, you can read it here. Feel free to leave a comment if you can so be arsed.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Ahoj dude, I will set you the proper beer link; it seems all is ok with the login :)

    Cheers with all these beers !


  2. Hey that's great! If the Post's blog is a good as this one, they're going to be in for a whole bunch of new readers!

  3. Best of luck with the new gig. You'll have to do better than that Strahov news, though: I knew that already.


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