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A quick question

I've got a couple of topics going around my head, but I'm too lazy to sit down and write about them, so I thought I would ask a hypothetical just for the sake of it.

If you had a brewery with a capacity of 3-5hl a batch, what sort of beer would you have as your "workhorse"* and which would be your "flagship" and why?

That's it.

Na Zdraví!

*meaning here the beer that would sell the most by volume

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  1. My response:

  2. If I wanted to make money in the bit of the UK where we live, the workhorse would be a 3.5-4.5% bitter or lager (nothing too fancy or intensely flavoured); and the flagship would be a spicy, 6% bottled wheat beer with a spurious "traditional Cornish farmhous beer" narrative on the label, aimed purely at the gift-shop and tourist trade.

    One of our locals has a 4% golden ale (Potion No. 9) as its workhorse and a strongish stout as its "event beer" -- it always sells out before we can get there.

  3. I'm in Eastern Pennsylvania, so it's a bit of a strange market. There's no point in producing any type of amber lager, since everyone will drink Yuengling. People around here love West Coast-style IPAs (which they can get in abundance), but few are made locally. If I could make a good one affordably, that would be the flagship (though it's far from my favorite style of beer).

    Workhorse would probably be a Kolsch (the appetite for them in this market appears to be growing, and it is a favorite style of mine), or I'd try and go with something a bit foreign for the area. Two of the better pilsners in the country are local, so that's out (though maybe a Czech-style one could find a niche), but a low-abv Belgian single or an Americanized Bitter (like 21st Amendment's) could be a good fit once people got used to it.

  4. in our lager country the workhorse it is still pale lager, well pilsner, the flagship anythinh bitter - IPA, best if with US hops...
    Honza, CzBeer.Cz

  5. As za dark beer affictionado, my workhorse would be a dark lager (probably not something classic but something in direction of a sweeter East German-more eastern dark beers) and as a flagship a smoked Baltic porter.
    Why? If people want a light beer, they have an abundance of choice. At least outside CR, the darks are a little bit uncommon. And smoke plus Baltic are just my favs.

  6. Its been recommended that I flagship with my Dark Smoked and I would like my work horse to be a Hoppy Amber.

  7. Great answers all... An Chris, I think those recommendations hit the spot.


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