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Magnetic Beer

That's the name of the new category I've made up. Yes, I know, it's probably silly, redundant and pointless, but let me explain anyway.

Picture this scenario. You go to one of those pubs that has a more or less extensive beer list. Among the day's offer you find some old favourites, something you have long wanted to drink again and a couple of new things. Eventually, you order one of those new beers, but, being a proper beer-hyperactive, even before getting your pint you are already thinking about which beer you'll order next (if you haven't decided already that this will be your last of the session). However, without even having drunk half the glass, you are already looking forward to getting a new one. The beer won't let you go. The others are still there, you know it, you haven't forgotten them, but there's no way you can leave this one you are drinking. You end up drinking several more pints than planned and only a major dose of willpower helps you leave the pub before it's too late.

That is what happened to me the other day at Zlý Časy with Black Dog, a new Stout from Chýně. It was my third, and maybe last, pint of the afternoon, it already looked quite interesting from the list of ingredients: roasted barley, roasted rye malts, Hellertau from NZ (?). Dark as a gorilla's bumhole, topped by a latté coloured, very compact head, 13º Balling and 5% ABV, light bodied but far from thin, complex, but not overwhelming or tiring, with everything you can expect from a dry Stout, but with a unique character. I wasn't able to get away from it, I was stuck, I ended up having four pints of it and, if it hadn't been for the hour, I would have gladly had four more. This is not the fist time that something like this happened to me, before it was with Hoppy Cat, an excellent Porter from Kocour, in collaboration wtih The Hoppy Brewing co. and with Březňák from Vyškov, a světlý ležák that has something magnetic in it.

Has something like this ever happened to any of you?

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Mine was when we met for lunch in Zly Casy and they had a sedmnactka polotmave from Hukvaldy on - it was like drinking sticky toffee pudding. I had three over the course of my lunch hour, went back to work sightly tiddly, and then went back for more after work!

  2. And you still remember it after all this time...

  3. Definately - I'm always on the lookout - if its a good bar, I'm like a kid in a candy shop, such variety waiting to be drunk!

  4. Yep, I've had just the same, coincidentally in Prague with the Real Deal Ale served in the Prague Beer Museum. I was there last May and really wanted to try Matuska Saison (which I did evetually in V Jame) but just couldn't.

  5. I loved the first batch of RDA, not so much the second (there had been an unfortunate change in the recipe). I spoke to the brewer, who happened to be at the pub that day. He was a young kid who really listened to my feedback and, if I remember correctly, said he would go back to the original recipe. Haven't had it since, though.


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