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Out at last!

Perhaps, those of you who don't follow my Facebook Page have been wondering about my long silence here. The answer is simple, I was working really hard finishing My Book, "Prague: A Pisshead's Pub Guide", which I was finally able to do yesterday (Sunday).
I must say I'm really pleased with the result, 117 pages of pub crawls, recommendations for cafés that serve good beer, early boozers, places to go for those who don't mind traveling a bit, articles about local beer culture and plenty of "beer porn", as my friend and top beer writer Stephen Beaumont calls it, all with a very personal touch. In a nutshell, a must have book for anyone who is planning a trip to Prague and wants to have good beer at good places. And if you aren't planning to come to Prague, you'll still have fun reading this, I promise you that.

So, go, buy it, it's already available. And it doesn't matter if you aren't a beer geek, you'll like it just the same.

Na Zdraví!

PS: Now that I've got this taken care of, I hope to slowly resume the usual activity of this blog.

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  1. At this moment Lulu is very busy with sending a copy to the Netherlands. An international bestseller, just after 1 day! congratulations! Ries

  2. I'm a long time fan of the blog; can't wait til I get my copy. Good luck!

  3. Max, congratulations! Is the only place to get it, or is there somewhere we can pick it up in Prague?

  4. Congrats! I'm also wondering where in Prague I could pick up a copy. Let me know; I'd love to collect one as soon as possible. Cheers!

  5. Thanks a lot!

    At the moment, the book is only available at Lulu. I'm considering ordering a bunch of copies, if I see that there will be enough people who will buy them. Otherwise, if someone out there wants to publish it here, you know where to find me :)

  6. Congratulations, Max! I am really looking forward to reading your book.

    And now I am off to ... :)

  7. Max, still no chance to buy your book anywhere in the Prague? I think you have much better chance to sell few copies ie in Zubaty pes than on Lulu.

  8. It is something that I will eventually have to talk about with a few pub owners. Right now the only place in the world out other than Lulu where the book will be available soon is a pub/bottle shop in Barcelona, who ordered 25 copies.


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