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According to my imaginary schedule, today I was supposed to write the reviews of 4 English Ales, but I can't be arsed. I didn't sleep well and I'm just too tired for that. Instead, I want to share with you some photos I've taken recently. Some of them will make it to My Book (which is coming along really well). I hope you like them.

U Slovanské Lípy
Jihoměstský Pivovar
U Černého Vola
U Černého Vola
U Dvou Koček
Krušovická Pivnice
U Medvídku
Pivovar U Bansethů
Zlý Časy
U Hrocha

Na Zdraví!

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  1. really like the "U Černého Vola" photo. (Is that the name of the bar?)

  2. Yup. It's the name of the pub. It's a gem located in Hradčany (Prague)

  3. Those pictures have made me REALLY thirsty! Especially the top one... Now I'm craving really good Czech beer!

  4. Great places!

    Where's that Kaaba place? I only know the cafe at Manesova...? Or is it their Lucemburska location?

  5. It's the second one. The shop they have in Manesova for some reason has Stella (WTF?).

  6. Some of those would fit into a Lonely Planet guide -- they love those shots where the waiter is slightly blurred in motion! I love 1, 3, 6, 7 and 8.


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