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A quick question

You are at a beer shop. You fancy drinking something new. You see that there are only a few beers you've never drunk before, but you don't have any references of them or their brewers.

Which of them would you buy? And what if they were all from the same brewer?

Na Zdraví!

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  1. All of them, and to hell with the expense.

  2. And if you have enough money for one or two?

    Also, notice that I've just edited the question...

  3. If one point is not fullfilled, I go to the next.

    1. Smoked beers - can't get enough of those
    2. Gose/lithuanian farmhouse/lambics - need more exposure to those styles
    3. Beer from countries I haven't tasted beer from.
    4. Well-described on the label.
    5. Cheaper, unless pale lager/pilsner/similar.

  4. Buy a couple at random, and the next time you have cash in your pocket, come back for the others.

  5. Buy the bottle with the least interesting label design, and hope they are better brewers than designers.

  6. What time of the year am I buying? Might depend on the season; if its spring and the style says "maibock" I might think the beer is fresh for one-GeauxT

  7. Close eyes, select bottle. Repeat until money is gone.

  8. The cheapest! Seriously, this is how I got onto a recent Baltic Porter jag. Amazing deals to be had there.

    On the other hand, if that were the only stratagem, I'd never get to try Belgian beers. Fortunately, with my iPhone, the internet travels with me, and I usually look things up. That gives me the illusion that I've been informed.


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