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The other day, the news of the demise of U Slovanské Lípy was met with great grief by many in the beer community, not only local, but international. A day of mourning was even suggested.

My friends, remove those black armbands, wash away your tears because this Koutská Pivnice has been resurrected!

It opened again yesterday, 19/4. Besides the new management and opening hours (from 4PM) little else has changed, fortunately. Yesterday, taking care of things, were two young lads who, despite still needing to improve their tapping skills, were full of enthusiasm for the beer they were selling and for good beer in general.

From here, I wish them nothing but success.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Good to hear it's still basically the same. Hopefully I can pay it a (long overdue) visit later this week...

  2. This is great news! I am back in Prague in June, and a visit to the new U Slovanské Lípy will absolutely be on the program.

    Thanks for the update, Max!

  3. Great, I will soon go to Prague and visit the place. When I read what you wrote from your first visit the food was not that good. Do you think this might have changed with the new owners?

    Really appreciate your blog and all the tips for places to visit for trying different beers in Prague.

  4. I don't know about the food. The offered me a soup the other day, but I wasn't hungry, so I didn't have it. If I remember well, the menu basically snacks.

  5. I had lunch there once and it was pretty good, really cheap too w/ soup included. But being open from four I can't really see that continuing..

  6. great news! A reason on its own to visit prague

  7. A second chance for me to visit this pub. I`ve been there in february on an saturday at 5 pm, and the landlord was too drunk to serve me - I`ll try again in december, the beer must be wonderful.

  8. I am back in Prague in December. U Slovanské Lípy will definitely get a visit. By the way: I see from pictures on Lipy's Facebook page that the pub has been refurbished:

    It also looks like there is free WiFi in there as well. Can you confirm this, Max?

  9. It doesn't seem they've refurbished, fortunately. I like it as it is. I don't know about the WIFI though. I was planning to stop by one of these days, I haven't been there for way too long...


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