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I'm sure you've noticed the banner above, and perhaps the one at the bottom as well. It is the realisation of a project that "lagered" for over a year. I meant to launch it last year, but moving to the new house sapped all of my energies and when I was finally able to put myself back together it was already too late in the year to begin.

Bohemian Beer Tours is about the following: One day tours to visit both a regional and a craft brewery, but the ones not so well known by foreign visitors, or even by Czechs.
The tours include transportation, tour of both breweries, lunch at one of them and afternoon drink at the other, both, of course, with beer. It's almost "All Inclusive". And on top of that, they will have a top of the range guide, Pivní Filosof himself. :)

They aren't cheap, though, 2500CZK per person, but they will be only in small groups, max. 10 people. I prefer quality over quantity and I want the experience to be as personalised as possible.

I am a bit nervous about this new enterprise. Everyone I've asked told me that the idea is very good, and that there isn't anyone who offers something similar (though, I'm sure thre is). It's got the advantage of being something different, I just hope there will be enough people interested in it.

So, if you are planning to come over here, or know someone who is, have a look at the webpage It's no big deal and I'm not all that satisfied with it, to be honest. But I will soon get someone to design it a bit more professionally.

Wish me luck

Na Zdraví!

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  1. There are indeed other people doing this kind of thing - for example.

    Good luck though!

  2. Best of luck with the new venture!

  3. Al, thanks for the tip.... I'm glad to see that they are more expensive than me. :)
    Their page looks A LOT better than mine, though.

  4. Congratulations with your new effort. I really hope that you will be successful. Good luck!

  5. Good luck with your enterprise!

  6. Best wishes for your business, I will for shure recommend it!

  7. Can you post a report from one of your beer tours? It would be nice to see some pictures and your thoughts.


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