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A brewery that teams up with a renown, Michelin starred cook to develop the first beer of its kind, which can also pair with any sort of food.

No, it's not Inèdit, is Sagra Bohío, which is thus described on its webpage:
"Bob Matlman and Pepe Rodríguez, Head Chef at el Bohío de Illescas - Toledo (Current National Gastronomic Award and Michelin Star), have joined to create the first Spanish craft beer designed to pair with any meal, specially dessert. For that, a triple malt beer, with additional maturing and bottle conditioning, has been brewed. The restult is a an Ale, triple malt, balanced, with chocolate colour and aroma, with caramel, coffeee and apple notes."
It's very possible that this beer is great, I haven't tasted, but, together with the "Gastronomic Beer", this is the kind of marketing laziness that makes me not want to buy a product (if I could). And it's worse in this case, because it's not even original, and on top of it, it's lying.

Beer and food pairing isn't an exact science, but if we follow the most accepted convetions, there isn't a single beer in this world that can pair well with every sort of food, not even with desserts.

Sagra, instead of taking advantage of the almost unlimited space of a web page to tell us in more detail about ingredients, processes and the role the cook played in the development of the beer, chose to use the same empty bollocks as DAMM.

Another lost opportunity by another micro brewery, who still don't seem to understand what their target consumers really want to know about their products.

But not everything is negative. I doubt that Sagra has a marketing budget nearly as thick as DAMM, which will quite certainly save us from listening to Pepe Rodríguez say perhaps the same kid of bollocks his colleague Adrià has uttered.

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