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Gypsy Porter+Friends+Zlý Časy = Perfect Evening

Last Saturday, at Zlý Časy's upstairs bar, we did a rather informal, official presentation of Gypsy Porter, the beer that Gazza Prescott, from Steel CityPivovar Kocour and yours truly brewed in Varnsdorf.
There's not a lot more I can say about this Baltic Porter that I haven't said before. Bollocks! There is! Gazza did a great job with the malt grist (Pilsen, Munich, Carafa Spezial No. 1 y Carared). It prevented the beer from being cloying, even though it coats your palate thanks to a relatively lower attenuation (to give you an idea, Pardubický Porter, that also declares 19º degree Balling, has 8% ABV, Gypsy has 7,2, with an original Balling graduation of almost 20). The hops balance this symphony of malts beautifully and the whole thing has a quite dangerous drinkability for such high octanes. The only thing that didn't turn out quite as we expected was the aroma. After two months lagering, the Citra hops we added at the end of the boil had left only a small memento of their presence. Aside from that, though (and conflict of interest notwithstanding, hehe!), Gypsy Porter is a perfect beer for this season.
But the most important thing is that people like it, a lot. The first batch has sold out already (some bottles can be found at Pivní Rozmanitost and yesterday, Bar Na Palmě announced on on their Facebook page that they'd tapped a keg) and Hanz told me that Pivovar Kocour will be brewing another batch soon.
The best for me, however, was that Gypsy Porter was the catalyst of a perfect evening at the pub. Friends, wonderful atmosphere; even my wife and my daughter had a great time! Thanks Gazza, Hanz y the people at Pivovar Kocour for making this possible!

Na Zdraví!

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  1. My dumb question of the day- as I'll be looking out for this in January- is it named "Gypsy Porter" or does it have a Czech name which translates to that?

  2. Just tried it today at Na Palme (by lucky chance-I had no idea they had it!). You weren't just tooting your own horn. It's EXCELLENT! Silky smooth tan head, opaque body, complex rich tasting porter body, nice bitter edge, no annoying syrupy sweetness. So smooth and pleasant tasting. You bet your boots I had them fill up my bottle so I could take some home! Great recipe and a great job by all to execute the plan. BTW: That small little Klaster pub near Letna was serving an 18 Porter by Holba the other day. Surprise, surprise. It wasn't bad, but Gypsy Porter beats it, hands down. Richer, smoother. Thumbs up. JKAnPRG


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