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Two events in September

Slunce ve Skle was perhaps the best beer event I attended last year (well, at least what I remember of it). Fortunately, this festival of microbreweries will have a second edition next weekend.

Just like last year, it will take place in the courtyard of Purkmistr, in Pilsen, next Saturday Sept. 19, and it will be bigger this time. The official webpage of the festival lists 35 breweries that are not only from the whole of the Czech Rep., but there will also representatives from Austria, Germany and Slovakia.

Not to be missed by good beer lover that happens to be in the area.

Slunce ve Skle
Sat. 19 Sept.
Pivovarský Dvůr Plzeň (Purkmistr)
Selská náves 2
326 00 Plzeň – Černice
Reservations for the hotel-restaurant:
Tel. + 420 377 994 311
To know how to get there using public transport go to this post I wrote last year.

That very same Saturday, in Prague, Pivovarský Kĺub kicks off their "Minioktoberfest". There will be three Festbier from Munich served in 1 litre Steins (those who won't want to drink so much at once can order pints) and some German specialities on the menu.

It might even be a better alternative to the original festival, fewer people, cheaper and more to choose from beerwise.

Starts 19/9 and goes until the Festbier is sold out.
Pivovarský Klub
Křižíkova 17°, Praha 8 - Karlín
Reservations (recommended)
Tel.: +420 222 315 777

Na Zdraví!

Update: It seemed strange to me that they wouldn't do it this year, after all, last year the Pivní festival s Jihoměšťanem was really good (partly thanks to that day's fantastic weather. Well, it turns out that it will take place, tomorrow, right by Metro station Opatov, starting at 3PM. (Sorry I didn't put it in the original post, but I've just got the news)

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  1. I guess your memory gets a bit hazy after we bought the pivni fernet, or was it pivni becherovka?

  2. Yeah, I wonder whose idea was it to start with those...

  3. So no bierfest in Opatov this year? :(


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