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A Project to Support

The number of hospody that have adopted the "Čvrtá pípa“ model is growing ("Čvrtá pípa“, fourth tap in Czech, means the tap, or taps, with rotating beers). Honza from Svět Piva said in a comment on Evan Rail's blog that he's putting together a list of this kind of places, and that he count was already 40 spread all over the country. Great news for those of us who love good beer.

And the good news doesn't end there. Jirka Bejček, owner of První Pivní Tramvaj (a great place everyone should visit), one of the pioneers of the fourth tap, now wants to bring together all these places in what he calls Aliance P.I.V..
At the moment, there are five members of the Alliance of Beersmart Taprooms, the above mentioned Tramvaj, Zlý Časy, Merenda, U Prince Miroslava and Obžerství (a hospoda in Petrovice that I haven't visited yet). The organisers say that the group is open to every hospoda that has at least one rotating tap.

This project isn't only about a list of pubs, restaurants, etc on a web page (still in prototype stage), it aims higher. Each beer tapped at each place will be included in the section "Pivní list" (beer list) with technical details (ingredients, EBU, colour, style, etc) and the names of the brewers. The card of each beer will be available to download in PDF and printed, and the hospody will be able to either put them in a menu or display them on their walls. The goal is to educate both consumer and seller, so that the former will know more about what they are drinking and the latter about what they are offering.

They also plan to organise events, print brochures with a list of members, etc. I think it's a brilliant idea and I hope that soon many more hospody will join the alliance. The more there will be, the better for us, lovers of the divine drink.

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