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Visitors, snow and strong beers

What a busy month I had beerwise in November! It started with the visit of Gunnar and his brother from Norway, with whom we went to have a great lunch in Chýně, washed down with all the three beers on tap that day, including that brilliant 15%. A day later came my Chilean friend Catador y his girlfriend, from Germany. With them I went to Zlý Časy and U Medvídku, where I was finally able to taste the newest batch of X33, wonderful. Both visitors brought me some beers, about which I'll be writing soon.

The following week I attended the SPP awards event. If it wasn't that it is not commercialized, the beer of the month would have been, without any doubt, that Budvar tapped straight from the lagering tank. Though the impressive Podzimní Speciál from Pivovar Strahov was not too far behind. Incredible, so much better than last year's version. I am already counting the days for their Christmas Special.

The month was capped by the visit of Boak & Bailey. Evan, Velký Al and I met them at Pivovarský Klub, which was the starting point of a rather long evening that took us to U Slovasnké Lipi and Zlý Časy. We had a great time, drank lots of really good beer, laughed, chatted, in short, a wonderful day with friends.

And it was with them, while at U Slovanské Lipi, that I was able to drink again the fantastic Kout 12% Kvasnicové, a beer bordering perfection. I also tasted again Kout Tmavé 14%, about which I didn't take any notes, but, believe me, it was really delicious. Anyway, to me, the surprise of the afternoon was the 10%, that was so tasty that we all thought it was 12%.

There were also some other beers worth mentioning. Hukvaldý 14% Polotmavé, that felt almost like eating home made orange cake. Then Chýně 17%, another beer that I found a lot better than last year and Richter's Ale, another for which I have no notes, but I still liked a lot.

The prize was already going to the powerful Kout 18%, a winter beer as it should be. Tasty, strong, full bodied and with enough ABV to make you feel a little warm. However, when going through my notes, I find that Javorický Speciál - Horní Dubenky had also gone down my gullet. This beer coming from a small homebrewing operation that seems to be on the way to become a serious business enterprise, pours down bronze, with a nose of flowers, citrus, herbs and caramel and flavours that reminded me of bananas in caramel with a deliciously contrasting bitter finish. I don't know which to choose. I would love to sit and drink both of them, or better still, all the above mentioned while having a good time with friends.

Na Zdraví!

During November I tasted 30 different beers. The total so far is 340. I don't think I'll make it to 400 as I wanted, but it is very possible to reach 366, a beer a day.

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  1. Friday for the Strahov Christmas Special - I am thinking of wandering up there on Saturday afternoon for a few.

  2. I will have to wait until next week.
    And I don't know if I'd have a few of those. It's a 19° and hoppier than hell, at least last year's was. Oh! and the price, 69CZK for 0.4l. The good folks at Zlý Časy will have it cheaper I'm sure.

  3. Yes it is bit on the pricey side, but that stops me from drinking gallons!

  4. Was it the Speciální Jubilejní 15° we had there, or was the beer called something else?
    Absolutely one of my favourites!


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