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Monday Lazyness

I'm tired and with a bit too much to do for my taste, so my plans to write extensively about my latest beer adventure have been postponed. We spent a pretty pleasant weekend in Hrádec Králové. My friend Filip Helán, owner of Pivoňka, a beer shop much in the style of Pivní Galerie, had invited me to a Christmas beer tasting, so we decided to go a day earlier to explore a city I had never been to before.

I have plenty of material. We liked Hrádec Kralové a lot, though we were very disappointed by the lack of christmas decorations in the centre, we were also looking forward to go to a Christmas market in the beautiful main square of the city, but there was no news of that either. It might have been that or the miserable weather that took away much of the will of exploring the city as I would have liked on Friday.
On Saturday we went with Filip to Minipivovar U Hušků, en Běleč nad Orlicí, a village nearby Hrádec, where we had a great time with they owner and brew master Josef Votr. The tasting was that evening. Of all that, and more, I will be writing soon. Be patient.
In the meantime, I wanted to thank Filip for the invitation and the great time he showed us, and I also wanted to invite you to the first Czech Homebrewing Competition organized by Honza Kočka. It takes place this Saturday 13/12 in Podskaslka 10, Prague 2, starting at 11. There will be seminars, awards and tastings (I think). The entrance is free.

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