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Weekend flash

For those in Prague between June 20 and 22 who want to taste some good beers, I recommend you make it to Zlý Časy. They will be tapping beers from Plzeňský Kraj, some of which have never seen the light in the capital.

The represented breweries will be:

Kout na Šumavě (that according to Evan Rail brews the best Pilsner Lager in Czech Rep.)
U rytíře Lochoty
and if there is space, that Urquell one

Each will have to beers that will rotate in the 7-9 taps.

I won't miss it this time

Na Zdraví!


  1. We'll have to try to fit it in, then, won't we?

  2. I know I shouldn't, but I'm actually going to check it out today. I should stay home and rest, but the idea of boring myself sensless when I could be sipping a glass of Kout is not what I think as fun. Sure we can drop by on Sunday for a couple, it's not far from the centre.

  3. I think I might drop by after work today. I've been meaning to visit Zly casy for a while now. Do you think I'll need to book a table? How popular is the place?

  4. I don't think you need to book a table, if you aren't planning to go with a big group. I was there today until 4 something, and there wasn't much going on in terms of attendance. They have a nice patio, with plenty of space.
    The beers today were gorgeous.
    Purkmistr Weissbier, simply gorgeous. Duchmaus Weissbier (this one is bottom fermented) from Střibro. Argent 12° from the same brewery. Lohoty 11°, Dobřany Hvězda 12° and Dobřanský Dragoum Polotmavé 16°.
    Kout won't be until Sunday, but today's lineup is really impressive.


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