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More anniversaries

The other day I spoke to you about the very good Jubiler 16.80% from Vyškov. Well, they weren't the only Moravians who decided to make a beer in honour to the year of the establishment of their pivovar.

Because it was established in 1530, Černá Hora's beer is a bit less strong. It is fermented at 15.30°balling and ending at 6.3%ABV. The ideas might be similar, but the beers are incredibly different.

When pouring the 1530 we see a beer with a very intense golden colour, almost orange; crowned with an almost ephimerous head, which might make some feel a bit uneasy. All fears dissappear when we get the glass closer to us. The nose is full of syrup and fresh fruit, with mild citrus notes; very summery aromas. The flavours are somehow expected, almost silky syrup, now joined by intense herbal notes. The finish is again syrup and fruit and leaves a pleasantly acid aftertaste that makes us drink more. In a way, it reminded me of Březňák's amazing Dopple-Dopple Bock, but not so intense, of course. Whereas the Bock explodes in your mouth, the 1530 grows slowly. It is, together with the unfiltered 10°, the beer I like the most from this very good brewery near Brno.

It is a pity that, just as it happens with Jubiler, 1530 is not so easy to find in Prague. You will actually have to go to the same places if you want to buy it. It would be so nice if another place like Pivovarsky Klub opened in Prague. I would love to be able to choose from a long beer list. But for now, you will have to go and find it, and it will be worth the trouble. I do recommend it.
Na Zdraví!