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Things are taking shape

Well, it seems my idea was not as crazy as I had thought. There've been quite a few who've said they would like to attend what I have decided to call Internation Gathering of Beer Bloggers, Prague 2010. People from Latvia, Spain, England, Norway, Denmark y Holland have already expressed their interest and so, the even already has a date: 22-23 October 2010.

The program hasn't been defined yet, it will depend on how many people are attending, but it's already certain that the closing will take place at Zlý Časy, while Friday 22nd will almost surely include a visit to at least one brewery.

Registration is already open, those who want to sign up can send me un mail, or leave a comment below. Let's see how many how many of us we can put around the same table.

Na Zdraví!

PS: Anyone fancies designing a logo for this? (It should include the phrase in Spanish: "Reunión Internacional de Blogueros Cerveceros, Praga 2010")

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  1. Terry, pity you won't make it, but I'm sure we'll meet anyway...

  2. Do you want to tie the event to the International Union of Beer Bloggers group on Facebook?

  3. You know? That'd be a great idea!!!

  4. Give me the details I will set up the event on the group!

  5. Al,

    The details are: International Gathering of Beer Bloggers. Prague Oct. 22-23, 2010.


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