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On the same topic

I've got quite a bit of work today, but I still wanted to post something. Something related to the topic I talked about the other day, the difference between the perception of beer and wine.

Films and TV series are often a good mirror to contemporary popular culture and the other day I was thinking about how beer is portrayed in them and ended up with the following questions:

How many times have you seen beer being discussed, at least briefly, in a film or TV series? It is consumed, but not talked about.

How many times have you seen a character, main or secondary, that is a beer geek, collector or that works at something related to the brewing industry?

Is there a film or TV series where either beer or brewing, or its trade, are at the centre of the narrative? I mean something in the lines of that incredibly overrated film Sideways.

My answers: Never. Never. No.

I might be wrong, of course. But let's say I'm right, do you think the perception of beer by the general public would change if it was as something more than "just beer"?

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Boy, is Sideways shite. Were we meant to like or in any way understand the motivations of those two blokes in it?

  2. Cheers
    S11E03 The King of Beers

    with friendly regards

  3. Ries,

    That's a really good one, thanks!!!

  4. Terry, thanks a lot! I've read about that film, looking forward to it.


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