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A crazy idea

One of the advantages of having a long commute is that I have time to think. It is then that I put together much of what I write here, and sometimes I come up with ideas that can go from the brilliant to the utterly stupid. Which of these extremes is the following idea closer to, that's something you can judge by yourself:

I want to organise a gathering of beer bloggers in Prague, in Autumn. I've already had the pleasure to meet some of you and would love to do it again, and there are many more with whom I haven't had yet the opportunity to share a pivo or two, and would also love to do that. I'm sure there are many that feel the same.

The gathering would be over a weekend, in October. I might even include, apart from a session at Zlý Časy and other worthy pub(s), a visit to a brewery near Prague.

What do you think of it? Anyone up? Leave a comment or send an email and let's see how many we can get together around the same table...

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Would be a great idea, I recall discussing it with you after Boak and Bailey's visit.

  2. Al, you are right! I had forgotten about that conversation, but I'm sure it was somewhere in the depths of my confused mind.... I really hope you can somehow find a way to make it...

  3. I doubt I will be able to make it back across the Atlantic for a while, but will be there in spirit.

  4. Great idea! This is something where I really want to participate.

    It would also be great doing a live tasting on the internet as part of a beer bloggers' meeting.

  5. Brilliant !

    We will be in Prague in late May also, if you want to hook up.


  6. Sounds excellent, perfect timing as well. Although I do not blog in English, I would be very interested to participate.

  7. Of course, the invitation is for all beer bloggers, regardless of the language they write. Spanish beer bloggers are quite excited about this and many said they would like to come. I hope to have more concrete news this week....

  8. I'll try to make it - thanks for the initiative!

  9. I'll see if I can make it, any excuse to get back to Praha!!


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