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Changes, and all for the better

Four favourites of Prague's beer scene have very welcome news.

Pivovar Bašta has extended its opening hours. From Monday to Friday they are open from 11 and they offer a very solid lunch menu to go with that. At weekends they still open at 3PM.

Pivovar U Bulovky no is open also on Sundays. No lunch menu here, but their regular one is already very solid and quite inexpensive.

U Sadu has caught the rotating tap "trend" and now, besides Gambrinus, Pilsner Urquell, Master 13°, Master 18°, Primátor Weizenbier and Svijanský Maz, they offer beers from regional breweries that will change every week. So far they seem to be only tapping the more standard stuff from each brewery. Let's hope they prove popular with the patrons and that soon more interesting stuff will show up.

From March 21st, Pivovarský Klub will be 100% non smoking. Until now, smoking was allowed in the cellar. Not anymore. Around a year and a half ago the same policy was applied at Pivovarský Dům, without business suffering because of it. I don't think business will suffer here either. I know of several smokers that already prefer to sit upstairs, even if they can't light up there.

I am not an advocate of smoking ban at pubs, restaurants, etc., but I am happy to see owners taking the iniciative themselves. What I do believe, though, is that authorities should support and motivate restaurant owners that decide to make their places smoke free.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Gotta love pubs going smoke free :)

  2. Hope U Sadu improves, both beers i had tasted nothing like they usually do.
    Smoke free, definately a good thing.


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