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A dream come true

I believe it must be a dream of most beer lovers, to make money out of our favourite drink.

I have finally realised it, or will once the payments get to my bank account. Yesterday (20/2/2009) I packed 840 bottles of beer (it was A LOT of work) that, together with as many others that were already packed in cardboard boxes, made our fist shipment (or should I say lorryment or truckment?) to Barcelona.
Once there, they will be available at 2D2Dspuma, a bar and beer shop similar to Prague's Pivovarský Klub.

This started some time last year, when I thought it could be a good idea to export some of the lesser known Czech beers to Spain. The plan was in the end left aside due to several reasons, only to be brought back to life when I met Filip Helán during my visit to Hradec Králové. Filip is the owner of the beer shop Pivoňka, and told me he had begun to export some beer to Poland, and had plans to do the same to Germany. I told him about my Spanish plans and we decided that we could do it together.

Some days later I was contacted by Susana Giner, one of the owners of 2D2dspuma. She asked me if I knew of someone who imported some of the beers I talk about in this blog to Spain. From then on, there ware many e-mails, questions, consultations, doubts, but fortunately, no problems, and, if nothing strange happens, the beers will be available from Feb. 24. They will also be presented at a trade fair to be held in Barcelona at the beginning of March.

So, those of you who read my blog from Barcelona already know where you can get many of the beers you've been wanting to taste all this time. Buy a lot of them, my coming daughter will be grateful...

Na Zdraví!

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  1. That's great Max! Maybe in the future you can start shipping them to the states as well. I'd love to be able to get Primator or Bernard over here.

  2. Well done. Great to have some business that is also something you love. Would I be right in thinking that exporting is less hassle than importing? And where can i find these in Germany? :D

  3. Jay,
    Would love to. It's just a matter of finding someone who will be interested in importing them. We are ready to conquer the world :)

    Your are right about that. It is more hassle to import than to export, but not that much... You could basically rent a lorry go to a wholesaler here, buy a trucload of beers and bring them back home. You will only have to report to customs to pay VAT and excise duties, and in Germany there is a thing with the bottles, they have to be returnable, otherwise there is another (and pretty steep) tax applied to them.
    My partner still hasn't gone too far with his plans, but he is working on them... If you know of someone....

  4. Good luck with your new venture Max!!


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