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Selected readings: June

We are already into the second half of the year and... Well I can't think of any other bollocks to open this month's edition of everyone's favourite section.

Martyn Cornell shares with us a fascinating history of Guinness. It's full of gossip and, as it's often the case, it's also juicier and more fun than the myths.

Speaking about myths, Pilsner Urquell likes spreading them left and right and Des de Moor wonders why the makers of one of the most important beers in history aren't a bit more proud of their legacy.

Zak Avery analyses in some depth the way he comsumes beer and the beers he consumes and the result is an interesting graph, which, if adapted to each one's regional beer realities, wouldn't change too much. Some of the comments are also worth reading.

Velký Al deals with the "hand made" falacy, or rather, with how little sense it makes to believe that a "hand made" beer is by nature better and that automatisation is contrary to artisanship.

Alan speaks about prices, but from another angle, one that made me wonder if a fancy pants bottle, box or presentation adds enough value to the experience of drinking the beer to justify a higher price.

In Argentina, Marcos does a very sensible analysis of the local micro brewing situation that leaves a few questions we should all try to answer.

For those who speak Czech, Pivní Recenze sheds some (or actually, quite a lot) of light on the manipulation of competitions and indirectly, why consumers shouldn't give a flying fuck about their results.

That's about it.

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