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The magic of Lípy

Does any of you have a favourite pub in your town that for whatever reasons, that don't have to do with money, you don't go as often as you'd like?

That is exactly what happens to me with U Slovanské Lípy. I love this pub, so much that for the IN Magazine's survey I put it on the second spot of my Top 10. The reason why I don't go that often is perhaps the opening hours. At 4PM I'm usually on my second or third pint somewhere else and don't feel very much like moving.

Those who follow this blog for a longer time might remember that early last year Lípy closed, something that caused much sadness. Fortunately, it was only for a few weeks, a bunch of new people took over the place and has it running to this day. I don't know if it was their own choice or lack of resources, but whatever it is, I'm glad they've kept the small town dive decoration pretty much intact, only a few Rock'n'Roll touches here and there to give it an even better vibe.

After heavens know how long, the other day I was roaming around the neighbourhood and thought it would be a good idea to stop by at U Slovanské Lípy for a quick pint of Kout 10º. The bloke at the bar recognised me from this blog (something I'll never get used to) and we started to talk. It turned out to be Michal, the person in charge of the place now. I asked him how business is going and he told me that it's going pretty well (one thing I like about Czechs is that if things don't go well, they'll usually tell you they are going like crap). He also told me they've started running a hostel in the building above the pub, which is going fairly well, too.

I stayed a bit longer than I had planned, talking to Michal about beer and pubs and having a very good time. After I left I promised myself I would try to go more often, in only, to be able to have a chat with Michal. I won't go on now to tell you how passionate he and his team might be (you know what I think of that), what is to me more important is that it is evident they are committed to do things well, which, I believe is a basic ingredient for success.

But that aside, if you are in Prague, drop by U Slovanské Lípy, not only you'll be able to enjoy the outstanding beers of Kout na Šumavě, probably at their best in Prague, but you'll be able to do it at a truly unique place.

Na Zdraví!

U Slovanské lípy
50°5'14.693"N, 14°27'12.343"E
Tachovské náměstí 288 - Praha 3-Žižkov
Mon-Sat: 16-23

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  1. Thanks for a reminder. I need to try this pub asap.

  2. I doubt anyone would be interested in restaurants in dordogne, but.... oh, wait, it's spam....

  3. well, spam:)
    two minutes down the street is our beer shop Pivni rozmanitost, Hustistka 37...:)

  4. I know, and I do owe that shop a review. Great place (and today I bought the last bottle of TAP X, HA!)


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