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How could I forget?

The first issue of the magazine Pivo, Bier & Ale is already available (well, the second issue is about to come out, but this can still be found). Believe it or not, it is at the moment, the only specialised magazine published in Czech.

The magazine's main aim is to enrich the local beer culture. Besides interviews, news and reviews, there are also some articles that are more technically oriented and a bit of history here and there, as well. As the name implies, the contents are not only about Czech beer, but beer in all its EBC's, ABV's and IBU's.
I can't begin to explain you how proud I feel about having my own section, with my name printed in large boldface, and share the pages with people of the caliber of Jan Šuran and Josef Krýsl.

My first article was a review of three beers from De Molen that turned out pretty nice in its Czech version, thanks to Petr Buriánek's translation, so much so that it inspired a competition!

The magazine can be bought at this places or ordered by e-mail indicating how many copies and where you want them delivered.

And since I'm here, I'd like to ask the magazine's Chief Editor, Pavel Borowiec, for giving me the opportunity to be part of this project.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Too bad it doesn't have wider distribution

  2. They are working on that. But you can subscribe or order it online. If you subscribe, postage and handling are included in the price.


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