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3 Presents, 3 Reviews

It's been long since I last posted a review here. I'm sure you were missing them. Don't get too excited, these are going to be rather short.

Agullons Setembre (5,5% ABV)
A present from Edgar, the same who broought me that beauty Fuller's Vintage Ale. I'd heard a lot about this beer, and all of it was good. Edgar told me about how this beer is made and what made it so special, but I've forgotten since (a blend with Lambic, perhaps?). Anyway, regardless of how Setembre was brewed I really liked it a lot. The sourness both in the bouquet and the flavours reminded me of a Geuze. It's very well balanced thanks to a rather subtle malt base that doesn't let things get out of control. Excellent job by Masia Agullons.

Mikkeller Black Whisky Edition (17,5% ABV)
Birthday present.
I was really looking forward to tasting this beast. I had liked the original version a lot and I was curious about what changes had the three months in a whisky barrel had brought.

Just as I had done with the original version, I shared the beer with my dad. Impressive! Everything that I'd liked was still there and the wood and the whisky had given it a twist to make the beer even more complex, without this resulting in something harder to drink. It's still a beer to sip slowly in the evening after a hearty dinner.

It's hard to say which one I liked best, the original version or the Whisky Edition, but I think it it's fair to put a 2-2 to the ongoing competition between barreled and non-barreled versions of the same beer.

Infinium (10,5% ABV)
Present from Fernando, a great friend, a great guy and owner of La Barraca, a great pub in Ávila, which I'll be visiting soon.

The most special thing this beer has (besides the bottle, it must be one of the most beautiful I've ever seen) is that it is a collaboration between legendary Bavarian brewery Weinhenstephan and the also very famous Sam Adams.

A few days before I received it I read a review by the Thirsty Pilgrim, which is spot-on (what is curious is that the word "Ale" isn't seen in the bottle I have). There's I noticed in the beer that Joe doesn't mention, a dry white wine acidity that starts mild, but gets stronger as the bottle empties. It could have made something majestic of this beer, but it doesn't quite make friends with the syrupy, almost sticky base. It's still very drinkable and the ABV is very well integrated, but at the same time, it left longing for the what it could have been, rather than satisfied (perhaps a bit of aging can improve it?).

If I compare it (unfairly, I know, they are two completely different things) with the other Bavarian-American collaboration, Tap 5 a.k.a. Hopfenweisse from Scheider and Brooklyn, Infinium is a step or two behind. TAP 5 has a couple more advantages, besides being glorious is on regular production and its prices is the same as Aventinus's.

Thanks a lot to the tree people who gave me the opportunity to taste this three special brews.

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