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Just a little detail is missing

After having written about it, I really wanted to taste Svatovaclavské Doppelbock. The other day, while I was in the centre killing some time, I started to think where I could find it and I suddenly remembered Krušovická Pivnice.

I hadn't been there for ages. Actually, I never liked the place too much, but I really wanted to see what that beer was like and I couldn't think of any other alternative. Besides, I was also considering whether this pub should be included in one of the crawls in my book. So, after a quick stop at U Medvídku to say hello to my friend Laďa Veselý, there I went, thinking that even if I didn't like the place, a quick beer wouldn't do me any harm.

I ended up staying for more than one.

Already before walking through the door I noticed some changes. Gone were the writings on the windows and the beer list had slightly changed. Krušovice Imperial tanková and Mušketýr Nefiltrovaný, as well as the expected Dopplebock. And the prices! 25CZK for half a litre of the first two! I doubt you can find something cheaper around there. Once inside, the whole place felt different, really. The decoration was pretty much the same as I remembered it, but I didn't feel like being in a tourist trap anymore, and also the service was great. It was almost like being in an alternative universe, one which I didn't quite want to leave.

And the beers? What about the beers? Oh, yes. That was the weak point, and a pretty important one at that. Imperial was too "green", Mušketýr too watery and murky at the same time and Doppelbock could have been great with bit of a lower attenuation and better integrated alcohol, but still, I was in a way glad to be proven wrong. This season special had absolutely nothing to do with that Dopple-Dopple Bock, it turned out to be something brewed expressly for the occasion.

The conclusion. It might be that the beers were a bit weak, but I still left the place feeling really good, so much that the pub already has a spot reserved in my book. If you are around, give it a go and let me know what you think.

Na Zdraví!

Krušovická Pivnice
Národní třída 7 - Prague 1
+420 224 237 212
Mon-Sun 11-24

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