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This year I won't miss it

Next Saturday, Sept. 18 is the third edition of the, in my opinion, best beer festival in the Czech Republic Slunce ve Skle. A total of 39 micro breweries, including three from Germany and one from Scotland, will be there offering around 100 different kinds of beer. Some of the names are already making my mouth water (the list can be seen on the festival's web page).

Just like the previous two editions, the event will take place at Pivovar Purkmistr, in Pilsen-Černice and kicks off at 1PM.

I'm really looking forward to going this year. I missed the previous edition, but still remember (well, at least partially) how much fun I had two years ago. I'm going to miss Velký Al (can't say the same about his idea of the shots, though), who I'm sure would love to be there. There won't be a shortage of friends, but it won't be the same without the big Scot.

Na Zdraví!

Slunce ve Skle
Sábado 18-9-2010, 13hs
Hotel - Pivovar Purkmistr
Selská náves 21/2
326 00 Plzeň – Černice


  1. Is it that time already? A fun day indeed it was at the first Slunce ve Skle, helped muchly by Mrs V and I staying in the Purkmistr hotel for the weekend!

    I would love to get my hands some more of the beer fernet they had - do love a shot now and again!

    Do say hello to anyone that I know who happens to be at the event, and warn them that I may be in the Czech Republic next summer for a few days.

  2. Well, i will be there to make sure you get thoroughly messed up as last time:). I'm even going on the special beer bus.
    PS - Dont forget this weekend at Cernokostelecky also. About 25 breweriew on there:)


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