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Yesterday I had a great day with Todd, an American friend who was on a visit to Prague. We shared many beers (a couple too many, perhaps), while we discussed his impressions about Czech beer, what is happening on the other side of the pond and beer culture in general.

Todd was also very generous and he brought me three very varied samples of craft brews from his land. Among them, and as a sort of joke, he brought Collaboration No. 1 de Boulevard Brewing Co., a beer sold as "Imperial Pilsner"

Besides making me laugh a bit (the nonsense of that name never ceases to amuse me), it reminded me of something I noticed after having written my critique of this "style".

While I was drinking Primátor Rytířský 21%, one of the local examples of Císařský Světlý Ležák (since I am in the Czech Rep. it can't be called Pilsner) I read the back label, which has information written in three languages, Czech, German and Slovak. Here the beer is sold as Světlý Speciál, in Germany as Helles Bock and in Slovakia (and I know some of you are going to love this) as Světlý Porter, Pale Porter, for those who still haven't got it. Yes, that's right, Pale Porter.

And there's still people who believe styles are something immutable, uniform and easily guidelined.

Na Zdraví!

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  1. Yeah, I'm drinking the 'pale porter' myself right now. Kinda funny. As soon s I poured it I knew this was just wrong. It is a "strong lager", though. 9%, and not bad really. But definitely not a porter. Their baltic porter (double) is not bad, and is 10%. What other beers did your friend bring over for you to try?

  2. Also, on Beer Advocate they have a photo of a blonde doppelbock for this Primator svetly porter. That sounds about right, actually. Enjoy the knight's lager.

  3. Well, since Slovák law considers Primátor 21% to be a Světlý Porter, there's no much point in arguing about that. Beer Advocate and the BJCP can say all they want, but so far, what they say hasn't got any legal status in any country.

    Other than the Boulevard one, my friend also brought me the Oak Aged Yeti and one of the sour numbers from Russian River. Nice stuff...


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