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Tasty December News

Those who are in Prague during December, either permanently or on a visit, will have plenty of new, special beers to choose from.

Last week Zlý Časy tapped the first barrel and sold the first bottles of their own Christmas Special, a Weizenbock which, just like their previous seasonal specials, was brewed in Chýně (who I'm sure are already pulling pints of their own holiday brew) by Petr Buriánek. I've already tasted it and it's really good.

This week Pivovar U Medvídku will present to the world their 18° Balling dark lager, a very limited edition that will only be available on tap at the brewery.

Not far from there, Pivovarský Dům should already have on tap their Imperial Stout, which has been maturing since February or March.

And though I don't have any concrete information, I'm pretty sure that Pivovar U Bulovky, Pivovar Strahov and U Bansethů will have their respective ad-hoc beers ready to drink in these days.

If all that wasn't enough, Honza Kočka once more is organising a Chirstmas Beer Festival. It will take place on Saturday 12/12 at U Prince Miroslava. Tickets are 80CZK a piece and the event will be divided in two sessions, one from 1 to 5PM, the other one, from 6 to 10PM. You will not only be able to enjoy special beers from Czech micros (the list can be seen here), but there will also be a selection of Bavarian Bocks and Belgian beers. Nice present material all of them, I'm sure.

Yummy, Yummy.

Na Zdraví!


  1. I can see it's gonna be a drunken xmas. The special is just on at Strahov and there's a vanilla xmas special at Pivni Klub.


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