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The Summer goes on

And it is still hot in Prague. Which makes it all the easier to drink beer, not that I have much trouble doing that in Winter, but there are certain brews that can be enjoyed better in a weather like this we are having. For example, Sezon from Pivovar Kocour Vandorf, which has been coming out with pretty interesting beers guided by its mastermind Honza Kočka and its young, but talented brew mistress. Sezon is of intense golden colour with a slightly acidic nose with yeasts, herbs and flower notes. It's hot a sily mouthfeel, that starts fruity but slowly becomes herbal and dry. Delicious for a hot summer day.

Another lovely summer beer that caressed my palate was Harrach 12°, which I hadn't enjoyed for a very long time. It's got interesting contrasts, both in its bouquet (spice, sweet cream almost vanilla) and flavours (caramel, cream and an intense dry herbal finish).

Wheat beers couldn't be absent in this torrid summer. Not in the numbers of last month, though there were a couple of intersting samples. Pšeničné from good old Pivovarský Dům, just great, and U Richarda Weizen, which seems to want to mix the best of a wheat beer with the best of a Bohemian lager, meaning light and refeshing body together with more intense and floral notes tipical of Saaz hops. I liked it a lot.

But maybe the most interesting one in this group came from an industrial bottler. Not so much for its quality (not too bad, yet still far from Primátor), but because of simply existing at all. This beer came from Pivovar Kutná Hora, a member of the Drinks Union group, recently acquired by Heineken and with a more than uncertain future. The fact that they have come out with this beer gives us some hopes.

There were also a couple of very interesting beers in visit to Pilsen. The highlights of that day were Lochoty 14°, Lotr 11° and Pilsner Urquell Nefiltrované.

But the beer of the month can't be any other than Kout na Šumavě 12° Kvasnicové, simply, a wonderful beer.

Na Zdraví!

In July I tasted 36 different beers, briging the count to 232 so far this year. It seems that my goal of drinking 400 different beers in 2008 isn't so far fetched...

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  1. Ashamed to admit it but I have found out about your blog only recently. Man! Have I missed a great read! Going through the older entries right now and it's very enjoyable. Especially on a hot and sunny evening like this! Great work and don't give up!

  2. hey, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Better late than never. I'm really happy that you enjoy my blog. Thanks a lot for the comment and the support!


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