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The Kingdom

I found Království, or the Kingdom, thanks to the Prague Pubs section in "The Good Beer Guide...". When I arrived I realised that I had walked past the door several times. The place is in the same street as the world (in)famous Akropolis, in the popular and atmospheric neighbourhood of Žižkov.

It is a small "semi-basement" with two rooms. I like this kind of places a lot, specially in winter. They invite you to stay, forget the cold and the weather while relaxing and getting warm. But it's not just that what makes you feel welcome from the first moment. Pleasantly informal service that would tell you what is on the lunch menu rather than give you a soulless piece of paper, and quite often smile at you. Actually, the lunch menu is not very long, three choices for main, plus a soup and something sweet, all for 89CZK. The food is nothing to write home about, but does the job quite well, specially the soups.

But what brought me there wasn't a need to find out what I could have for lunch in Žižkov. It was the beer. Most of the line of Pivovar Černá Hora, including the excellent Moravský Sklepní Nefiltrované, desítka 2007 for SPP, and Kvasar, another 2007 SPP winner.

Yet it isn't the the very good beer, nor the OK food, not even the heavenly home made slivovice what quickly made Kralovství one of my favourite places. It is the atmosphere, the feeling, almost from the beginning, of knowing it for a long time. I really recommend visiting this pleasant hospoda not too farm from the centre. Go with time.

Kubelíkova 36
Praga 3 - Žížkov


  1. Thanks for this post. I'm student living in Prague and I've got difficulties finding Cerna Hora and Svijany restaurants. I'll definitely try this one:).

  2. Im really happy it helps you.
    There are several Svijany pubs in Prague, and their number is growing. I will be posting about a couple of them soon.
    There is another Černá Hora spot in Dejvice, it's in Československé Armady. I haven't been there for some time, but it was pretty fine. I like this oen better though, has a nicer atmosphere.


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