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Hemp Valley Beer

This was a beer that I had been curious about for some time. I hadn't drunk any beer from Pivovar Nová Paka that I could say impressed me, still I had to have a go at their Hemp Valley Beer. One of the least traditional beers in the Czech market. Its ingredients, barley malt, hops, sugar and cannabis flower extract, weed for friends.
Considering that, as mentioned on the brewery's website, this last ingredient comes from valleys in the Swiss Alps, I don't think it is of the kind most of us would like, but from the plants without their active ingredient, THC.
Anyway, I was expecting something different than the usual.
When pouring it we have a spongy, not very compact, head of intense white colour. Not very persistent, but it doesn't go away immediately. The nose of that of a typical golden lager, more on the sweet side, with something in the back that is hard to identify, but does not add much. The colour is also that of a typical golden lager. Not very carbonated. When drinking it things stay pretty much the same. A Český Ležák that is decent but no big deal. With 4.5%ABV it is light and easy to drink. The finish is the thing I liked the least, it leaves a not very pleasant bitter aftertaste. The beer doesn't gain in intensity as it goes down.
On the label there is a medal that the beer won at a competition of products made with hemp. I don't know what kind of competition it had, though I'm sure the award was deserved.
In a nutshell, it is just an OK lager, and that is exactly its problem, it is nothing special when should be. It is, in fact, more marketing than beer. I don't recommend it, unless you are really curious.

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