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Presenting: The Tram Beer Challenge

I mentioned it the other day, but I want to explain this new project in more detail.

The starting point will be the Karlovo nám.–Moraň tram stop, where the most lines go through. I will take the first tram coming from either direction and will get off at the sixth stop. There, I will find a pub, have a couple of beers and maybe some food, and go back to the stop I god off at, where I will take tram coming from either direction and will get off, this time, at the fourth stop, where I will find a pub, etc., etc. The procedure will be repeated, always starting from the last stop I got off at, until I can't be arsed any longer.

Originally, the legs were going to be 10 stops each, but I thought it would make the trips unnecessarily long, so I cut it to six stops one way and four, the other; eliminating the risk of going back too soon where I started, or swinging endlessly between two stops.

Since I won't know where I'll be going, there will no point in doing any research at home, and since I don't carry internet in my pocket, I will have to trust my memory, if I know the area, or my instincts, if I don't. In any case, the pubs I visit will have to be new to me.

I'm very excited about this project. During the fieldwork for the 2nd edition of The Pisshead's Pub Guide, I sort of rediscovered the joy of going into a new pub in my city. And this time, it'll be even better: I won't have any schedule or greater purpose, other than putting together a review that will hopefully be more than the veni, vidi, bibit kind. It's certainly a lot more fun than drinking a new beer at home, alone, make a photo and write a bullshit tasting note or get the latest badge at Untappd.

Stay tuned, the first adventure is coming soon.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Great idea, looking forward to reading about this

  2. Just play Tram dice, take 2 dice ,roll them ,odds one direction ,even the other.Must take first tram that comes , roll the dice again and go that number of stops or to the end of the line whichever comes first,find pub have a beer and repeat. Works for me.

  3. Any "tram beer tour" could finish only at one place. I hope you know whic one, Max ;).

    1. Yeah, I know. But it's in the book. So if the fates of MHD take me there, I will have to look for another place... Bugger....

  4. I remember, vaguely, doing an A line pub crawl when I lived in Skalka, back before Depot Hostivar was a station. Started in a pub in Skalka, then every station on the green line until Dejvicka, had to be the first pub seen.

  5. Maybe 20 years ago when there weren't as many different brew available as there now we did a similar thing except we just ride random trams around and got off whenever we saw a sign outside a pub advertising a beer that we hadn't had on that trip.
    We certainly got to see some interesting pub and drinks a good variety of beers.


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