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Just killing time

Yesterday afternoon, I had a couple of hours to kill between a tasting I hosted at Vinohradský Pivovar for Prague Beer Garden and the opening of Bad Flash Bar, the new place of Zlý Hanz and Kulový Líbor, which gave me a good excuse to check out this pub that'd opened recently, 20 Píp Craft Pub, hoping that it will be at least better than its name.

This is the kind of place that a few years ago I would have run to as soon as possible, after becoming aware of its existence. Now, though, places like this—with more or less taps—are almost a dime a dozen, but I was still curious to see if 20 Píp was bringing something new to the game.

Unfortunately, I can't give you an opinion on that. I did go to the place, yes, and it looks nice, welcoming, and small enough to make me question the wisdom of having so many taps.

There weren't many people when I arrived shortly after 5—only an older couple drinking coffee and two blokes chatting with the tapster at the bar. I sat at a table near the door and picked the beer list on the table. 'KINHELL! Those prices! IIRC, the cheapest beer on the list was 58CZK a half litre, and not Matuška, Clock or Falkon, but for Cvíkov 14° (which is far from being the most expensive brand on the market).

I picked up my stuff and left, without ordering anything. I don't remember having done that, ever, at least not at a place I wanted to visit, but I'm not willing to support that kind of business model, not when Prague, and Vinohrady, is nowadays full of places offering good, interesting beer at more reasonable prices.

But if you feel rich and want to check it out, go, and let me know what you think. In any case, I wish success to the owners of 20 Píp—I've no reason not to. Maybe they'll manage to find their audience, I won't be part of it, I reckon.

Na Zdraví!

20 Píp Craft Pub
50°4'33.743"N, 14°26'16.392"E
Slezská 1 – Prague-Vinohrady
+420 605 000 866
Mon-Sun: 15-01

PS: I ended up in Dno Pytle, which I don't regret, at all. I also had a good time at the opening of Bad Flash Bar, by the way. Lots of known faces, it's a pity I couldn't stay longer. I wish those two pajeros success, they've done a nice job with the place.


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  2. That does not sound good at all , if I ever have a negative experience at a place I never go back ! BTW Look forward to using a pissheads pub guide second edition next week in Praha ! God help my liver ! �� So many great pubs and beers to choose from ! ��

    1. I'd be unfair to say I had a bad experience. I had none. If the prices had been posted outside, I would've walked past without giving the place a second thought. I had to go in, the place is nice, but too expensive.


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