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Major Update

I can happily announce that I have completed the biggest, hardest but most fun part of the project “Prague: A Pisshead's Pub Guide - 2nd edition”: writing the blessed thing. It has 16 pub crawls and a few sections, and in total it covers over 130 pubs, cafés and restaurants from all over the city and beyond.

Granted, a few days behind schedule—partly because I decided that the last chapter would an epic 11-pub crawl written in0 a sort of short story style—and there are still a few lines that need to be written. But I can now get started with the more tedious part of editing and putting everything together, including the pictures, and turn a bunch of text files into a book.

I don't know how long it'll take me to complete that. It'll depend on work, you know, the one that pays the bills (and the beer); that always takes top priority; unless there's someone willing to buy a few hundred copies in advance, so I can dedicate myself full-time to the task.

Anyway, just that. Carry on drinking what you were drinking.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Very excited to see it's nearly here.

  2. Looking forward to this updated guide, I can take 50.

  3. Great news! Do you think it will be ready for my next trip to Prague in early December? Best regards, Lasse

  4. Gives me an excuse to go back to Prague.

  5. Is this going to be a printed version Max?

    1. Yes. It's going to be published through the same channels as the first edition

  6. Volume 1 was well used on my visit to Prague. Hope to have the chance to crawl through the second edition.

  7. Well done Max :-) Please let us know when we can order it , my old copy is somewhat worn and beer stained :-) .


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