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So, ABIB has bought another independent brewery

You've all heard the news of ABIB's newest acquisition, so I'm not going to repeat it.

What amazes me, though, is, on the one hand, that many people are still surprised with this sort thing, as if it was something new, and, on the other, the reactions of many of those people: sadness, anger, disappointment...

I could understand it if the brewery had shut down for some reason or another and the beers that had become their favourite aren't available anymore, that could be sad, we all tend to develop a personal attachment to some products and memories don't taste as good. But that's not the case here, the brewery still there, making the same stuff they were making the day before, they could keep on buying it, if they wanted, but they choose not to.

I'm not going to argue with that choice, the reasons are legitimate, but not enough to warrant anger, let alone questioning the owners' decision, as if they should have first consulted the thing with their fans.

Running a company, even if it is successful - especially if it is successful - is very hard and demanding. If the owners of a company choose to sell it, we should assume that a: the offer was good enough (perhaps more than they would have been able to earn on their own) and b: that they saw it at the time as a sound business decision.

Thinking, or even suggesting that this means in some way trouble for the industry is even more foolish to some extent. Macro brewers will keep on buying smaller breweries, at least for some time, it's something natural and expected. What will happen with those breweries, only time will tell, some will be shut down, or not. Either way, for every independent brewery sold to bigger corporations, I'm sure there are dozens more that either are not interesting enough as an asset, nor will they ever be, or whose owners wouldn't sell it to anyone, at least not for the time being, and in a market where brand loyalty isn't as strong, there's room for everyone, provided they are able to do things well.

In the meantime, if you were a fan of Elysian, feel happy for the owner, and go drink something else, if you want, I'm sure you've got plenty to choose from.

Na Zdraví!