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A Casual Lunch

The other day, some business that I had to take care of took me to Braník, more precisely, near the place where Zemský Pivovar will have their brewery (and a fuckton of work ahead of them). I think it was the first time ever I was around that neighbourhood, and once I finished with what I had to do, and with time in my hands, I decided I'd do what I always do in such situations, wander about.

It was a very fine day for walking, even walking uphill, and that part of Braník turned out to be a pretty nice and very quiet residential neighbourhood, though one lacking in pubs (I only walked past one that didn't look too inviting).

Feeling increasingly thirsty, I followed my feet downhill to end up in Podolí, in front of a place called Pivovarská Restaurace Dvorce (my feet are the best guides I need). The name sounded familiar, and after standing there for a full minute, I remembered I had seen it mentioned a couple of times in The pub taps beers from both of Richter's breweries—U Bulovky and Jihoměstský—with prices ranging from 30 to 39CZK/0.5l.

It was late lunch time, the tables outside were all taken. Inside it'd be then. The best way to describe the interiors is “forgettable”, as if all the owners could be bothered with was to put the furniture and whatever else was needed to get the place working. The service, on the other hand, was really friendly and, more importantly, efficient. The food was also good. I had roasted boar with cabbage and knedlíky, great value at 75CZK.

As mentioned above, all the six beers on tap are brewed by Richter. When I arrived I was very thirsty and almost by reflex I ordered the 11º, only to realise that it was Jihoměstská; after my last experience with it, right before getting awfully wet, I wasn't sure I wanted to drink that again, but it was too late, the waitress was tapping it already. Wasn't it a surprise? It was in great form, if a bit too gassy, tasted almost like a very good Vienna Lager, likely the best pint of this beer I've ever had.

I felt adventurous after finishing my meal. I went for the Pale Ale, a bargain a 39CZK a pop. It was beauty, really. None of the loud, hoppy thing kids like drinking this days, more classic English than modern American. Tasty, clean and wonderfully well made. I would've stayed for another one if it hadn't been for the soundtrack. Awful.

Dear restaurant owners and managers,

It is good that you allow your staff to listen to music while working, even if they want to listen to the sort of computer generated crap some executive believes should be the hits of the summer. But does it have to be the fucking radio, and in particular, a Czech pop radio?

I can understand people liking that sort of music, even if I find it absolutely hideous, but nobody in their right mind can enjoy the ads, nobody in their right mind can take any pleasure whatsoever from having people screaming at you every ten minutes, urging you to buy shit you don't need.

Is it so hard to get that old laptop you sure have plugged to some speakers and play something from there?

Please, think about that, everybody will be grateful.

Apart from that, the place is highly recommended.

Na Zdraví!

Pivovarská Restaurace Dvorce
N 50°2.80080', E 14°24.96283'
Jeremenkova 7 – Prague-Podolí
+420 728 532 020 –
Mon-Fri: 11-23, Sat-Sun: 12-23
Tram: 3, 17. Bus: 118, 124 (Dvorce)


  1. Hi there, you are right, masses of work ahead of us :). What did you think of the future location? If you want to get a group of people together to check it out followed by a glass or two of Zemský pivo, let me know (leave a message on the ZP FB site which I admin or email, c/o my name).

    Have used Pivní restaurace dvorce several times as a quick "beerotonic" station after riding along the river and before the final ride up that hill to Pankrac. And... have of occasion then had to push said bike up that hill :).

    1. I loved the location and the building, as it is right now, looks great. I truly hope you can turn it into a brewery. And, by the way, I'll get back to you to check it out


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