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It happened on a Friday afternoon

The previous three months were insane work-wise. I'm not complaining (well, not much). As a free-lance translator, it is almost mandatory to take as many jobs as you possibly can because you never know what the next month will be like—especially now in summer—but this time it had got to a this-is-a-bit-too-much point, and one part of me was glad to see there would be a (hopefully not too long) break, at least as far as big translations is concerned.

That break started a couple of Fridays ago, when I finished and e-mailed the last couple of jobs I had. I was looking forward to to the first weekend without any work in more than two months, but I was also very, very tired, mentally tired. I was worn out and I thought I beer would do me well.

It was too hot to be outside, and the idea of walking to the pub in that temperature looked as attractive as a visit to the dentist. I grabbed a bottle from the fridge, carefully poured it in my earthenware mug, put some music on and my feet on the desk, it was time to unwind.

It didn't work out. When the mug got empty, my brains still felt like the engine of an ageing, slightly overloaded hatchback going up a steep hill.

“Fuck it!” I told myself and grabbed 50CZK from the wallet. The missus was downstairs, doing some work at her computer, when I said to her “Jdu na pivo”, she only answered with a nod, and didn't even ask me to take Nela or the dog with me, as she usually does.

I braved the heat—most of the way to the pub is shadeless—and dragged my feet to U Hasičů. I greeted and exchanged a few words with the regulars, while paní hospodská expertly poured my desítka.

I sat in the shade of a large birch, sipped my beer while letting my mind wander off, paying attention to almost nothing besides the rustle of the leaves. The procedure was repeated for the second pint, after which I took the 50CZK out of my pocket, paid and walked back home.

It wasn't until I was almost around the corner from the house that I realised that my feet weren't dragging anymore. I felt overall lighter, in body and mind, looking forward to preparing something nice for dinner, hoping that my daughter would help me.

A couple of beers at the pub. Try it some day, it can do wonders.

Na Zdraví!


  1. Wish I could walk to my local with $2.43 USD and enjoy 2 pints.

  2. Fucking fantastic post, again, as usual.


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